Kinomáge Committee

The Kinomáge Committee was recently formed from a merging of the Education Committee and the Library Committee. Committee members are appointed and serve in an advisory capacity. Our committee consists of Tribal Community Members who are passionate and devoted to Education Department programs and offer a wide variety of creative ideas and points of view.

Committee Members:

  • Desirae Pyle
  • Jen Palmer
  • Jordan Comer 
  • Taylor Schmidt-Taylor
  • Cerena Read 
  • Jodie Palmer, Tribal Council Liaison

Environmental Committee

The Environmental Committee reviews proposed projects and helps guide program development and decision-making regarding environmental and natural resource areas. The Environmental Committee works in collaboration with the Environmental Department to provide general direction while ensuring that the Tribal Council is kept informed.

Committee Members: 

  • Desirae Pyle
  • Mason Vernia
  • Kelly Church
  • Ramsey Garza
  • Alicia Falcon
  • De Facto/ Council Rep- Jeff Martin

Housing Committee

The purpose of the Housing Committee is to ensure proper oversight and the effective administration of housing program assistance being provided to tribal families through the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish-Band of Pottawatomi Indians Housing Department in furtherance of the Mission of the Committee.

Committee Members: 

  • Coleen Nessner, Chairperson
  • Jodie Palmer, Alternate Chairperson
  • Daniel Cornelissen, Committee Member


Cultural Advisory Committee

The Cultural Advisory Committee meets monthly to advise the Language & Culture Department on the goals and activities of the Gun Lake Tribe in accordance with the Gun Lake Tribe's Mission Statement - We, the members of the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians of Michigan, will maintain our elders’ vision, integrity, spirituality, culture and economic self-sufficiency by protecting our sovereignty, treaty rights, traditions, land and natural resources for our future generations.

Committee Members: 

  • • Michael Pigeon Jr. (Chair)
    • Mary Bush, (Youth Representative)
    • Virginia Vanderband (Liaison to Tribal Council)
    • Mae Pego (Elder Representative)
    • Jennifer Palmer
    • Genevieve Sprague

Powwow Committee

The Pow Wow committee meets monthly at the minimum and more frequently as the Round Dance and Powwow get closer. This committee assists with the planning, organization and facilitation of the Annual Round Dance and Powwow - two of the largest annual events hosted by the Gun Lake Tribe. 

Committee Members: 

  • • Jennifer Palmer (Co-Chair)
    • Cassandra Bush (Co-Chair)
    • Amy Austin (Treasurer)
    • Natalie Pond (Secretary)
    • Jeff Martin (Ex-Officio)
    • Cetan Thunder Hawk
    • Junsun Bush

Enrollment Committee 

The Enrollment Committee is responsible for the accepting or rejecting of all enrollment applications into the Gun Lake Tribe.

Committee Members: 

  • Amanda Sprague
  • Dawn Lenger
  • Kara Wilson

Revenue Allocation Plan/General Welfare Assistance Committee

The Revenue Allocation Plan/General Welfare Assistance Committee is responsible for creating and recommending by-laws for approval by Council to govern its action. In conjunction with the Revunue Allocation Plan Administrator the committee develops and recommends policies, rules and/or regulations to Tribal Council necessary for the effective administration and overall operation of the Tribe's Revenue Allocation Plan and General Welfare Assistance Program. 

Committee Members: 

  • Angie Pigeon
  • Codie Grigsby
  • Bobbi Wilson
  • Britney Robach
  • Dawn Lenger
  • Steven Levandoski
  • Nicole Overbeck

Public Safety Committee

The Tribe has enlisted the assistance of a Public Safety Committee to assist the Department of Public Safety in the delivery of police services. The Public Safety Committee was first formed to establish the department, which started in 2011, and now acts as an advisory committee to the department. The committee meets throughout the year and consists of a least one tribal council member and numerous tribal citizens.

Committee Members: 

  • Dennis Wilkins

Ogitch-E-Daa Society of the Pottawatomi Nations

The Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians Ogitch-E-Daa Society of the Pottawatomi Nations is the continuations of the pre-Native American traditions to acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices warriors have made and continue to make, to preserve and protect the unity of our nation. We are grateful to our creator for the blessings of Freedom.

Society Members: 

  • D.K. Sprague - Commander
  • Dale Anderson – Vice Commander
  • Brant J. Mitchell – Secretary
  • Robert Olivarri - Chaplain
  • Sam Austin
  • Mike Cornelissen
  • Fred Lenger
  • Jeff Martin Sr.
  • Michael S. Mitchell, Sr.
  • Jim Nessner
  • Amos Pond
  • Rod Van Oeveren
  • Marcus Badger
  • Tom Church
  • George Martin
  • Janet Ybarra Tuner
  • Tammy Willis
  • Matthew Mitchell
  • Linda Keeley