Environmental Department Mission 

The mission of the Environmental Department is to promote environmental and human health through conservation and management, improving sustainability of our natural and environmental resources for the next seven generations.

Environmental Department Vision 

The Tribe is a leader in environmental stewardship, demonstrated through conservation of natural resources for the next seven generations.

About the Environmental Department

The Environmental Department is a team of eight full time employees who serve current and future generations of the Tribal community through the stewardship of natural resources. The Department implements educational outreach and executes culturally-based conservation projects and services with a forward-thinking approach. Long term goals of the Department include recruiting Tribal Citizens into natural resource and environmental careers and educational paths and conserving cultural resources for the next seven generations.

Environmental Staff 

Liz Binoniemi-Smith, Environmental Director
Shawn McKenney, Environmental Specialist
Jason Lorenz, Biologist 
Nikki Yargeau, Natural Resource Outreach Coordinator 
Alex Wieten, Water Resources Specialist
Warren Zimostrad, Stewardship Specialist 
Maria Scarborough, Environmental Technician
Elliot Fair, Environmental Technician

Contact the Environmental Department 


2872 Mission Dr. 
Shelbyville, MI 49344