PreK-12 Program

Every Tribal Citizen, ages three years through 12th grade, who is enrolled in school is eligible to receive reimbursements for school-appropriate clothing, school supplies, and shoes.

The 2023-2024 PreK-12 Survey is ready!

A completed survey is a requirement to participate in PreK-12 programs such as:

  • Clothing and shoe reimbursements
  • Grade and attendance incentives
  • Tutoring and tuition assistance

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be Gun Lake Tribal Citizen between the ages of 3-18, and enrolled in school
  • Must have a completed 2023-2024 JOM Survey on file with the Education Department

PreK-12 Education Survey

Program Guidelines

FERPA - This form authorizes your child's school to share information with the Tribe. Any information that will be shared with the Tribe will help us determine programming to benefit your child's education. 

Johnson O’Malley

Every Tribal Citizen, aged three years through 12th grade is eligible to receive reimbursements for school-appropriate shoes. You may purchase more than one pair, but at least one pair must be gym shoes. This program can be accessed twice each school year. This program is funded by the 638 Contract grant through the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Education Enrichment Program

The Education Enrichment Program allows Tribal Citizens, aged three years through 12th grade, to access funds to assist with the cost of tutoring and/or tuition for private education, preschool and homeschool.

EEP Tuition Application 

EEP Tutoring Application 

Grade Incentives and Perfect Attendance Awards

Semester grades may be turned in for a grade incentive. Only two incentives will be paid per school year. Students on trimesters may submit grades for the best two trimesters. Eligible students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher (B Average). The Education Department will calculate the student’s GPA based on the scoring system the school uses. Students may receive an additional award per semester if they have zero (0) excused or unexcused absences throughout the school year.