Language & Culture Mission

The mission of the Language & Culture Department is to provide the membership, Tribal Government and the community with language resources and cultural opportunities.

Language & Culture Vision 

The Tribal Citizens, Government staff and community members will gain knowledge and enrichment in the areas of Pottawatomi language and culture. The youth will learn the language and culture so the Potawatomi language “Bodewadmi Zheshmowen” and culture can be passed on to future generations.

About the Language & Culture Department

The Language & Culture Department works to provide Bodéwadmi language and culture opportunities to the membership and community. Besides the programs listed on the site, the Language & Culture Department collaborates closely with several departments to provide cultural activities for both youth and adults in the Tribal community. 

Language & Culture Staff

James "Bud" Day, Language & Culture Director
Frank Barker, Language Coordinator
Cassie Bush, Cultural Coordinator
Cetan Thunder Hawk, Language Technician
Wyatt Szpliet, Mno Mijem Sovereignty Coordinator
Junsun Bush, Mno Mijem Sovereignty Technician

Contact Language & Culture 

(269) 397-1780

2872 Mission Dr. 
Shelbyville, MI 49344